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The Video Library is always evolving. Here is a taste to get you started.

Videos by Teaching Animals Other Videos
Fitting and Using a Gentle Leader Headcollar

Tugging to Encourage Impulse Control

Basic Cue Transfer

Normal Dog Play

Teaching a Cat to Like Injections

Introducing Tug, Give & Sit with a 9-week-old Puppy

Teaching “Come when Called”  by Dr. Sophia Yin

Teaching “Say Please by Sitting”by Dr. Sophia Yin

Teaching “Drop it” – one of my favorite demonstrations of this exercise.

Teaching “Leave it” – by Dr. Sophia Yin

Chicken Agility! at a Bob Bailey camp

Cue Transfer basics

Emily Larlham’s video library – wonderful step-by-step videos for tricks, obedience and manners.

Teaching a Visual Match to Sample – excellent step-by-step video of teaching matching

Using a Manners Minder to teach good behavior when the doorbell rings by Dr. Sophia Yin


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