Monique provides a variety of services for animal professionals, the veterinary community, and pet owners. Here is what some of her clients and colleagues have to say:

Monique herself is a unique as her name … her expertise includes the unique ability to effectively communicate with dogs and their owners. Our rescue Vizsla who happens to be “reactive” (Bella – age 10) is overjoyed each occasion under Monique’s direction and influence.

Monique is a blessing for one and all – dogs and owners alike.

Tucker & Bella

Monique’s methods are tremendously effective, solidly based in behavioral science. My dog responded incredibly well, and the lessons we took with us will give us a great foundation to help make vet visits a much more pleasant experience. What a wonderful gift for my dog and me.

Anne Goldenberger & Kismet (Belgian Malinois)

Monique is an articulate, compassionate, engaging and well-organized presenter. Her passion for helping others succeed and empowering them with knowledge is evident in her teaching. She captivates the audience with practical and useful techniques which can be applied right away.
Debbie Martin, LVT
Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behavior

There are many speakers, teachers, trainers and entertainers in veterinary medicine. Blah, blah, blah. What are almost non-existent, unicorns if you will, are edutainers, who can educate, inspire and delight a whole room of veterinary team members and keep them riveted to a message and leave the room with a kick in their step and can-doism coursing through their veins.

Luckily, there is one person who ticks all the boxes of a top-tier communicator and who leaves attendees armed with simple, surefire tips to improve their personal & professional lives: Monique Feyrecilde. Attend one of her talks, feel first hand the delivery of her powerful, positive, proactive messages, and you too, will be walking the extra mile, which is never crowded. I NEVER miss attending her talks.

Dr. Marty Becker, DVM
“America’s Veterinarian,” Bestselling Author

Founder of Fear Free Certification

First I can’t thank Monique enough – I’ve found it difficult to find a training class that best suits my needs as a single person with a busy schedule. I always thought I was good with dogs but I had some easy dogs. With my last two, very different, very intelligent dogs, I have been challenged beyond my abilities. But Monique showed me in just one session that my dogs could be shaped into wonderful companions. She has the ability to work with a wide range of dog behaviors and is able to adapt training to fit the owner.

Betty Bollert, Private Client & Class Student

It has been our privilege and joy to have had Monique working with us for many years. Literally thousands of families have been given the gift of a better relationship with their puppies, learning how to deal with “issues”, and understanding their four legged children. She has that rare combination of knowing and compassion and being able to explain the complex in simple language.

Doug Ricks  — Owner, Seattle Agility Center

Monique’s daycare seminar was exactly what I wanted for my staff.  She set just the right tone for the target audience – friendly, yet professional. The videos and photos in her presentation were a great way to illustrate subtle cues in body language.  I’m seeing positive results in my employees’ daily management of problematic behaviors. This seminar was well worth the price.
Tracy Miller — Owner, Blue Collar Doghouse

I’ve read 10+ books on puppy training and still couldn’t walk my 9 month old black lab without fear of getting pulled over or getting frustrated until I took a private training session with Monique.  With her very clear instruction I now have the confidence and the tools to make both of us happy on a walk.

Thank you so very much.

Sue & Maxwell

Over the past 10 years, Monique has helped our family deal with some very complex dynamics in our multi-dog household. She taught us how to identify and prevent the triggers that could result in aggression between dogs. She has provided training and management protocols as well as referrals for additional resources. We are forever grateful to her for giving us the tools that we need to live happily with the dogs we love.

Nancy Burke

I am the technician track chair for the Pacific Veterinary Conference in California. I invited Monique Feyrecilde BA, LVT, VTS (Behavior)to speak in the technician track at our 2015 conference in Long Beach, CA. I found Monique to be a knowledgeable  speaker that is engaging and had useful  information to share, with great examples and visuals. The audience was engaged and enjoyed Moniques lectures. In fact for the 4 day conference Monique’s lecture were the most well attended. I was so impressed by Monique that I have invited her back next year for our San Francisco, CA conference.

Vicky Ograin, MBA, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
Pacific Veterinary Conference (Pac Vet) Technician tract chair
NAVTA 2015 Past- President