Training & Consultations

NEW CLIENT SCHEDULING: Virtual Appointments

New clients: You will be prompted to fill out a detailed intake form when you schedule your first appointment.

Established Client: Virtual Appointments

In-person consults will resume April 2024

Consultations for behavior modification, motivation and reinforcement strategies, prevention, pet selection, and Cooperative Care Techniques are all available!

Cooperative Veterinary Care appointments and behavior/training consultations are offered three ways:

  • Virtually worldwide
  • In-person in Maple Valley, WA – Paused until April 2024
  • In-clinic at Mercer Island Veterinary Clinic

All consultations and classes use methods based in the scientific understanding of animal learning and are both respectful and humane. Tactics involving pain, fear and intimidation will not be used. If animals like dolphins, whales, elephants and lions can be trained without these aversives, certainly pet dogs and cats will benefit from the same methods.

Monique accepts clients for private training on a limited basis.