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Cooperative Veterinary Care by Alicea Howell and Monique Feyrecilde. Wiley-Blackwell, 2018. Paperback and companion website with over 100 detailed instruction videos.

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Cooperative Veterinary Care is an exciting new book for veterinary professionals, trainers, and pet owners interested in creating the best possible veterinary care, husbandry, and handling experiences for pets. The book comes with a companion website featuring over 100 video demonstrations.

Offering evidence-based techniques with a solid scientific foundation, Cooperative Veterinary Care puts the focus on preventing and reversing fear and stress in the veterinary setting through preparation, planning, and most importantly training. This comprehensive resource provides guidelines for patient-centered care from the moment an appointment is scheduled through the time of patient discharge. Spanning topics including sensation and perception, hospital organization and protocols, equipment and tools, learning theory and excellent training techniques, Cooperative Veterinary Care takes the team through procedures step-by-step using practical and proven examples.

From physical examinations to venipuncture and radiographs to vaccinations and nail care, this manual prepares the team to work with patients the compassionate way every day. This manual brings these highly effective techniques to the companion animal healthcare team, written in accessible language and filled with proven approaches based on the authors’ combined 35+ years of hands-on veterinary medical experience. Cooperative Veterinary Care:

  • Offers evidence-based cooperative techniques to prevent fear and calm reactive patients, with concrete guidance for preventing, identifying, and reversing fear and stress in the veterinary setting
  • Provides a unique system for identifying patients and selecting the right technique for each pet
  • Supplies information on safe patient exams and interactions without the need for restraint
  • Covers strategies to successfully implement these new techniques every day and boost client compliance
  • Presents step-by-step detailed training protocols, including photographs and over 100 videos showing how to train patients quickly and effectively

Cooperative Veterinary Care is a useful guide to the most effective techniques and procedures for creating an environment which is safe for people and for pets, while providing high quality medical care with compassion.

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